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Young Healthwatch

We want to encourage younger people to come forward and speak to us about their experiences with local health and social care services.

We regularly hear from adults and older people about their experiences but we want to ensure that young people have a voice too! This is why we have created “Young Healthwatch” to ensure young adults can approach us when they like and we can ensure their voices are heard by the people that are in charge.

How has it been accessing mental health services locally? What about Doctors? Or dentists? Whatever it maybe, let us know. All experiences can also be anonymous if you wish.

For more information about Young Healthwatch and what we do please see the information and poster below. 

What is the role of Young Healthwatch?

  • Allowing young people to have a voice and share their opinions and experiences of local health and social care services
  • Young people will gain knowledge on relevant health and social care subjects and  know where they can access reliable information from
  • Participating in community-based activities
  • Enabling young people to have volunteering opportunities within Healthwatch

What is the overall aim of this project?

  • To promote a culture where young people’s opinions and experiences are listened to and valued and ensure that young people’s views are listened to by those who can make service changes.

How do we recruit people for Young Healthwatch?

  • Utilising contacts at youth orientated services (mental health services, charities, etc)
  • Doit.org
  • V inspired
  • Social media
  • Existing volunteers
  • Networking at events
  • Reaching out through schools, colleges and universities 
  • Youth Councils

What training will be offered, required or provided?

  • Enter and view training
  • Induction training
  • Eventbrite
  • Communication Skills

What activities will those who join Young Healthwatch be involved in?

  • Carrying out their own research projects
  • Creative content (website page, social media, video, physical publications etc.)
  • Social media
  • Report writing
  • Report/research presentations
  • Mystery shopper activities
  • Supporting Healthwatch events
  • Enter and view representatives
  • Public speaking

What Issues have already been identified by younger people?

  • Mental health
  • Sexual health
  • Teenage Pregnancy
  • Communication with GP

How will Young People be supported by Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire?

  • Regular contact with Healthwatch staff
  • Regular group meetings which will be held through zoom/MS Teams and in person
  • In the initial volunteering application process, Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire will make sure any additional needs are discussed (including disabilities etc.). This will allow us to tailor roles appropriately

Rewards/incentives and recognition:

  • Certificates for training etc.
  • Volunteering with Healthwatch could provide you with an opportunity of a character reference for your career progression for college, university or employment and provide you with skills, knowledge and training

For further information please see the attached poster or contact us on 01472 361 459 or email us at enquiries@healthwatchnortheastlincolnshire.co.uk


Young Healthwatch Poster


Do you feel COVID-19 has had an impact on you accessing local health and social care services?