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Information From Diabetes UK


Type 1 Events – Life Beyond Diabetes

When children have type 1 diabetes, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. From hypos, to carb counting, to set changes – there’s always something to think about. But diabetes doesn’t have to stop children from doing anything they want to do. Join our Type 1 events team for our Life Beyond Diabetes Virtual Q&A Session on Monday, 9 November at 7pm. You’ll meet five fabulous volunteers who all live with type 1. They’ll share their experiences about how they fit diabetes into their everyday lives. They’ll talk about the ways they manage the anxieties and challenges that living with type 1 throws at them. And they’ll discuss how they keep positive. You can ask them any questions you like, no matter how big or small.  The link to sign up to any of our panel sessions is here: https://eu.eventscloud.com/esurvey/200041498

Type 1 and tech  2020 - Getting together to review technology for type 1 diabetes and how to improve access.

The Diabetes UK Cymru team will present their third Type 1 and Tech Conference on Saturday 14 November 2020 (World Diabetes Day).  There will be online presentations and discussions about how to find the right tech to support you, how can more people access technology and how tech can help us get through COVID-19. To register visit: https://eu.eventscloud.com/t1andtech or email paula.wilson@diabetes.org.uk for further information.  I have attached a poster and would be very appreciative if you could help promote this online event.

Diabetes Matters

We’re proud to announce the production of ‘Diabetes Matters’ in collaboration with ITN Productions. This new programme will raise awareness of the condition on an international scale, helping us in our fight for a world where diabetes can do no harm.  The programme will cover a huge range of topics during its broadcast. There will be information on the latest advancements in treatment, research and care, how type 2 diabetes can be prevented and the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on those living with the condition.  ‘Diabetes Matters’ will air in November to promote and celebrate World Diabetes Day but you can get a taster of what’s to come by watching the trailer on our website

Cheque for tech

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the lives of people living with diabetes – not least regarding their access to routine diabetes care.  A survey we ran last month found that nearly 50% of people with diabetes in England have had no contact with their healthcare team since the beginning of the pandemic and a third of people in this group have told us they’ve had difficulties managing their condition as a result. While the NHS understandably remains under significant pressure, and the ability to conduct appointments face-to-face is limited, we think people living with diabetes should also have access to the tools they need to self-manage their condition confidently. Technology has a key role to play in this but it needs to be rolled out much more widely.  But we know that for too many people with diabetes, accessing the right diabetes technology can be a real struggle. Often it’s simply a postcode lottery. In these times more than ever, that simply isn’t acceptable. You can find out more about our campaign and join our call for more funding for diabetes technology by visiting our website


Have you heard about our fundraising event, Nailing Diabetes? We’re asking supporters to come together and paint their nails blue on 14 November, share a photo on social media, and make a donation, or fundraise, to support our work.  This year hasn’t been an easy one -  painting our nails blue will not only be a way of raising awareness of diabetes, but also of showing support for loved ones and thanking the people who’ve been there on the days they haven’t felt like they’re ‘nailing it’. Look out for lots of blue nails across our social media in November!

Don’t forget

We continue to update our webpages; our advice for healthcare professionals on coronavirus (COVID-19) and diabetes and coronavirus advice page for people living with diabetes and their families. These pages are based on the most recent guidance available and also signpost to other relevant sources of support and information.

We have some helpful information to help people staying at home and managing their diabetes and to help people cope with stress and other emotions. There is also a useful coronavirus thread on our online forum, where members are sharing information and experiences. People can follow and keep up to date with us and our advice and support on our North of England Diabetes UK Facebook support group,  Diabetes UK Facebook and Twitter feeds. For anyone not able to access face to face diabetes education or support during this time our Leaning Zone is a good place to access simple information from our Diabetes UK clinical team, and sensible advice from people living with diabetes.



Do you feel COVID-19 has had an impact on you accessing local health and social care services?