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Maternity: Grimsby and Scunthorpe Hospital

The following information is for those due to give birth at Diana Princess of Wales Hopsital Grimsby or Scunthorpe Hospital.

  • Please attend all antenatal appointments and ultrasound scans alone.
  • No visiting is allowed before the birth.
  • When you go into labour, one birthing partner can be with you, but must leave after the birth. This also applies if you’re having an elective or emergency caesarean section (c-section).
  • For women having their labour induced, your birthing partner will be allowed to join you when labour is established. The midwives will let you know when to contact your birthing partner.
  • If your birthing partner has symptoms of Coronavirus or has been around those who have, they will not be allowed on to the ward. We will also be taking the temperature of all birthing partners. This is to minimise the risks to you, your baby and our staff.

Please be assured that the safety of you and your baby is the number one priority and these measures have been put in place in line with national guidance.


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