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Staying Safe whilst Self-Isolating or Social Distancing


Staying safe during self-isolation/social distancing

With the current circumstances regarding COVID-19, the National Guidance is to practice social distancing or self-isolate if you are showing symptoms. Unfortunately, this can leave many members of the community at risk if their home is not a safe place. 

Domestic violence

If you are concerned about spending more time at home, there are lots of things you can do to keep yourself and your children safe during this time. Please remember that if you feel it is an emergency you must ring 999 immediately. You can also ring Womens Aid on 01472 57 57 57 for advice and guidance.

Here are some safety tips to prepare for a period of social distancing or self-isolation:

  • Tell your children that if there is violence, their job is to stay safe, not to protect you. You can teach them to call 999 and help them with what to say.
  • Hide some money, spare keys and a small bag of clothes
  • Don’t wear necklaces or scarves- these could be used to harm you
  • Plan the easiest escape route
  • If you feel you are in a situation that could become dangerous, move away from the kitchen, bathroom or garage where there are dangerous sharp objects.
  • Tell friends and/or family that you will check in with them at a set time on a daily basis. That way, they know to call for help if they do not receive your call or message.
  • Remember, even if you are self-isolating or social distancing, you can leave the house. Just be cautious and try to stay at least two meters from others.
  • Say “I’m just going to the shop” or “I’m going to take the rubbish out” and use this opportunity to slip a note to your neighbor or the cashier to alert them that you are in danger.
  • If you would usually be at work, your employer should still support you during this time. You can make them aware of your situation.


If you are a child and have just been told that you cannot go to school, this might be a really scary time for you, especially if your home is not a safe place.

You can phone Childline to speak to someone who can help you on 0800 1111

This number is FREE to call from any phone and it won’t show up on the bill, so nobody will know you have called them. 

If you can, try and speak to a grown-up who you trust, and try to tell them that you do not feel safe. They can get you some help.



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