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NHS Accused Of Breaching Doctor-Patient Confidentiality For Helping Home Office Target Foreigners


The Migrants’ Rights Network (MRN) have launched a legal challenge to a secret data-sharing agreement between the Home Office, Department of Health and NHS that violates patient confidentiality and puts all migrants at risk.

The agreement gives the Home Office access to confidential patient information to aid immigration enforcement. It was written in secret, without consulting NHS staff, medical organisations or the public, and published in January this year.

MRN – represented by human rights organisation Liberty in its challenge – believes the deal is both unethical and unlawful because it violates patient confidentiality, discriminates against non-British patients and will leave seriously unwell people fearful of seeking medical care.

MRN is calling on the public to back its challenge via crowdfunding site CrowdJustice , to help the campaigning organisation cover its costs and continue its work protecting the rights of all migrants in the UK.

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