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Live better with the LiveWell tool


Take an active role in your wellbeing and stay strong, happy and healthy during COVID-19.

COVID-19 has brought many changes to our lives. 

Sometimes it’s easy to downplay the strength and resilience you’ve already shown by moving forward with everyday life.

If you feel you could use a boost or want to be more proactive in nurturing your own health and wellbeing, use the LiveWell wellbeing tool.

To get started go to livewell.nelincs.gov.uk and set up your personal account.

With the interactive self-assessment feature, you can measure your mood and wellbeing across seven fundamental areas of your life- daily routine, relationships, money, where you live, emotional wellbeing, learning and physical health.

The tool also gives you the resources you need to take action.

This tool can be the beginning of a new commitment to self-care or can be added to what you are already using to stay well.

To get the most out of each day use the LiveWell tool at livewell.nelincs.gov.uk.

 Take care of your wellbeing:

  • Focus on what you can control and let go of what you cannot
  • Sound it out. Talk about your problem (even to yourself) to understand it
  • Be open minded and willing to try new things
  • Accept how you are feeling without judgement

The LiveWell tool is part of an evolving online resource that will host a variety of health and wellbeing information for residents of North East Lincolnshire.

Through the site you will also be able to access the Orcha Health Apps Library. This is a collection of hundreds of professionally reviewed health and wellbeing apps, designed to help you improve your health and wellbeing.

For 24/7 mental health support call (01472) 256256 and select option 3.



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