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Investment in body cameras to protect hospital security staff


Investment in new high-tech body cameras to be worn by security staff at Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Goole hospitals aims to reduce verbal and physical assaults against staff. 

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner it is hoped the new high-tech shoulder-worn cameras will help deter people from lashing out verbally or physically at members of NHS staff and the security team over the festivities and beyond. 

The new cameras have been issued to the security team employed by ISS UK Healthcare, who are contracted to patrol the car parks and hospitals across Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust. 

Matthew Overton, local security management specialist for NLaG, said: “Incidents of verbal or physical abuse against our staff will not be tolerated. Our staff work on our wards and departments providing vital health services for local people. 

“We do not expect them to face verbal or physical abuse against them or their colleagues. Our security team is now equipped with the latest bodycam technology in the hope it will act as a deterrent.” 

It is hoped the devices will not only deter anti-social behaviour but will provide essential evidence for prosecutions. 

Keith Fowler, head of facility services, “Our security officers are called to support staff dealing with visitors or patients who may be displaying anti-social behaviour. 

"When officers respond to situations wearing the new body cameras, the idea of having your actions captured both visually and by sound will defuse situations," he said. 

The cameras record digital images in the same way as traditional CCTV but they also record sound. 

The £2,000 investment in the new cameras has been made by ISS UK Healthcare.



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