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A Grimsby charity offers a lifeline to elderly and vulnerable people to keep safe this winter.


As the nights draw in a Grimsby charity is offering peace of mind to the vulnerable and their loved ones, that they can feel safe this winter.

From as little as £3.80 a week, Carelink can provide help and reassurance at the push of a button.

Carelink supplies personal alarms, and other safety equipment, to nearly 3000 people in North East Lincolnshire, enabling them to remain in their homes and keep their independence.

The charity supplies equipment to North East Lincolnshire Council and health and housing providers. But private customers can pay directly to buy or rent equipment and have peace of mind help is at hand.

Carelink supplies pendant alarms that enable the wearer to call for help at the press of a button. It also offers daily or weekly monitoring calls, smoke alarms, CO2 detectors, flood detectors, pill dispensers, fall detectors, and wandering alerts.

Among them is Erin, who is a single woman in her 20s with Downs Syndrome. After facing bullying from people in her neighbourhood, she was afraid to open her door. Police recommended she contact Carelink. Erin now has a pendant alarm, and she can summon help if anything happens. Carelink can report the incident to the police on her behalf. She can press the button while an incident is happening or before she answers the door.

Carelink also provides Erin with welfare calls once or twice a week so that she has somebody to talk to and does not feel alone. 

Erin said not only have the calls helped but knowing she can press a button at any time has filled her with more confidence, especially when she goes to her garden or opens her door. 

Lia’s family turned to Carelink after she had a fall and spent the night on the floor. After installing a lifeline alarm, Carelink alerts Lia’s family when she has a fall. But Lia’s falls became more frequent, her family found she had been forgetting to take her medication, and neighbours reported Lia knocking on their door at 3am. Carelink advised them to contact Adult Social Care. Soon Carelink received a referral to add a pill dispenser, impact detector and door contacts to Lia's existing lifeline alarm. 

Now Lia's family enjoy happier visits and are confident they will get a call if she falls, forgets her medication, or opens her door at night. Lia said it's nice to chat with someone regularly and is grateful for the reminders to take her medication or stay inside.  

Vickie Fisher, Control Centre Manager, said: “It is important vulnerable people know they can feel safe all year round, but this can be a time of year when people can feel less safe.

“Customers can press the lifeline pendant to contact us 24/7 for immediate help and reassurance. We arrange emergency services support if necessary, and we can stay on the line, offering reassurance until help arrives. 

“We can contact a customer's family or support team to check on an individual if they are struggling and need support. We can also offer reassurance if an individual feels anxious and unsure of what to do.

“We can include many other pieces of equipment that help individuals stay independent and remain in their home whilst keeping them safe. Customers can notify us if an individual has issues, and we can check if they are okay. Our equipment can be bought or rented for the time it is needed.”

To find out more about the products and services supplied by Carelink, telephone 01472 312312, email admin@care-link.org.uk, or visit www. carelinknel.co.uk. 



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