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Government To Clamp Down On Unsafe Lasers


The government has announced new measures to tackle the sale of unsafe laser pointers, including strengthening safeguards to stop high-powered lasers entering the country.

In a response to a call for evidence launched last year following a recent increase in the number of incidents involving lasers, the government has pledged additional support to local authority ports and borders teams to stop high-powered laser pointers entering the UK.

This includes supporting local authority teams to carry out increased checks at the border, including testing products to ensure they are safe. The support will also ensure local authority teams have access to the necessary scientific, technical and testing expertise.

The government will work with manufacturers and retailers to improve laser pointer labelling, indicating that they must not be pointed at eyes or at vehicles and must state the power level of the product. The policing of online laser pointer sales will also be improved by working with online retailers including eBay.

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