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What Have We Been Up To?

The Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire team are currently working from home, we asked the team to share what they have been doing to keep busy and look after their wellbeing during lockdown! Here's what they said:

Tracy: Delivery Manager

 "During my time at gome i have made cushions and been revamping the garden. My strawberries are looking healthy (which Helena is jealous of haha) and i have seeds and cuttings growing nicely. My Son is in the process of buying his first house, which has been difficult during lockdown but he will soon be out of my house and living on his own. 

I will be glad when i can catch up with family and friends, even though we have talked and messaged."

Helena: Patient Experience Officer

“My Partner and I are fully renovating our home, and although a lot of our plans have been put on hold, we have still not been short of jobs to do! In between DIY jobs, I have been busying myself with lots of crafts and have found the “extra time” we all have right now to be a great chance for me to learn even more! I have crocheted four blankets and taught myself different patterns from youtube tutorials. I have even taught myself how to decoupage (similar to paper mache). I started off with plain coasters, small plates, lamps and oil burners and then I attempted to upcycle a couple of pieces of furniture we had in the garage! I have decluttered my wardrobe (twice) and reorganised my pantry cupboard. I have also been taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and took the renovations outside and given the outside woodwork a lick of paint! I’m rather unsuccessfully trying to grow some strawberries and tomatoes too… watch this space. Over the VE day bank holiday weekend, i took advantage of the free trial for ancestry and looked into my family tree, which was really interesting and surprisingly easy to do!

As my background is in mental health, I am very aware that lockdown can have some serious negative effects on our emotional wellbeing and so I am making a conscious effort to make the time for self-care, whether that be pampering myself, writing in my journal, meditating, having a walk, video-calling a friend or listening to a podcast.

After lockdown, I am most looking forward to visiting my family in York, having a meal out and getting back on track with the house renovations!

Tayo: Communications and Engagement Officer

“Whilst working from home in my spare time I have been keeping my self-busy in a number of ways:

To keep myself fit and healthy physically and mentally I usually play football and go to the gym regularly but with them not being an option at the moment I have substituted them for running. I am trying to better my 5km time each time I go for a run. My original time when I first started was 26 minutes and I have now gotten that down to 23 minutes. It’s nice to have a goal and it’s nice to see progress. 

The rest of my time has been spent enjoying bbqs with the family (when the weather allows), experimenting in the kitchen ( I made a Biscoff cheesecake) and evenings in the garden with my kids. My children are being home schooled at the moment like  most in the UK. They have come up with some great work and it has been interesting to see across the table how their minds work (I think my partner has decided she doesn’t want to become a teacher anytime soon though.)

I think it is important to have some alone time in all of this to make sure you’re looking after your mental health. I have been taking the dog for long walks and meditating when needed for my alone time. I usually play a lot of football most nights throughout the week so my partner has enjoyed us watching a lot of tv series and films on an evening. When things return to some normality I am most looking forward to playing and watching football again (Hopefully watching Liverpool win the league) , seeing my friends and family and socialising, smaller ques in supermarkets and just being able to go where we like when we like in general really.”

Karen: Volunteer Coordinator

“I have enjoyed some baking, cross stitching and reading during lockdown. I have even made a home made ‘McMuffin’! I am most looking forward to simply walking the dog and having a proper latte! I have found it really tough not being able to go out at all and I am beginning to feel the strain. The telephone buddy system is helping as the people I am calling cheer me up as much as I cheer them up.!”


During the COVID-19 pandemic how have you been able to maintain contact with your family or friends who live in residential care?