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Your spotlight on local services

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Healthy Living

Healthy Living covers all aspects of our lives; from the food we eat to how much exercise we get. It also covers our own mental well-being

If we can keep ourselves well then we won’t have to access services.

Eating well

We all know that we have to eat 5 portions of fruit and veg per day but do we know why. Most vitamins do not stay in our bodies for long periods of time, this means that we have to consume them every day. We also have to eat a balanced diet (click the link below for more details)

Download the Eatwell Guide as a PDF (2.41Mb)

If you need more help and advice contact your GP surgery, your local pharmacist or contact the wellbeing Service in the following way: complete the Wellbeing Service referral form

Text “Wellbeing” to 60060 and they will call you back. Standard rates apply or follow them on: Twitter and Facebook.

Mental Well-being

The first step in keeping ourselves well is to recognise when things are getting a bit tough. There are people out there that can help before it gets too much.

The IAPT Team work with people who have long term health conditions and offer different ways to improve mental well-being. Contact them on 01472 625191 or email NAV.openminds-LTC@nhs.net or www.navigocare.co.uk 

Open Door

How have you been feeling lately?

When it comes to emotions, it can sometimes be hard to recognise or admit that we're not feeling 100%.

If you are 16 or over, take this short questionnaire to:

  • Help you better understand how you've been feeling over the last fortnight
  • Point you in the right direction for helpful advice and information

If you are struggling, it is not intended to replace a consultation with a GP.

Under 16? visit the Youth Mental Health hub page.

Open Door 

Open door can offer a range of services and you can self-refer if you feel you need support contact them on:

Open Minds, Grimsby

7-9 Osborne Street
DN31 1EY

(01472) 625100
A voicemail can be left outside of office hours


Open Minds, Cleethorpes

13-15 Grimsby Road
DN35 7AQ

(01472) 252760
A voicemail can be left outside of office hours


The first thing is to do about it is talk! Talk to a friend, family, a GP, a nurse or any health professional.


It is recommended that adults have 30 minutes of exercise per day. This does not have to at the gym or running, this can be walking, gardening, sporting activities. Fitness is important when improving our health.

North East Lincolnshire population suffers from hypertension and diabetes and obesity is on the rise. With a little bit more self-care we can combat such conditions and improve our health