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Enhanced Summary Care Record

What is an Enhanced Summary Care Record?

An Enhanced Summary Care Record contains additional information about you such as:

  • Your illness and health conditions
  • Current medication and the reason for the medication
  • Significant medical history (past and present)
  • Operations and vaccinations you have had in the past
  • How you would like to be treated (such as where you would prefer to receive care)
  • What support you might need (Eg: Communication needs)
  • Who should be contacted for more information about you
  • Any additional needs you may have

This information will only be available to authorised health professionals who are giving you treatment and care, and any senstive information will not be included unless you specifically ask for it to be added. Sensitive information includes:

  • Fertility treatments
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Pregnancy terminations
  • Gender reassignment

You do need to give your GP consent for them to include additional information. You can do this by speaking to a member of staff at your GP Practice. 


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