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STPs explained

Have you heard of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) for this area?

You will find the Summary Plan for our `footprint’ of Humber, Coast and Vale which was published in November 2016 below

In addition, the local Clinical Commissioning Groups have also produced a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) guide to read alongside the Plan which you can also find below. 

As a Healthwatch, we want to make sure that local people have a say as proposals for change are worked up.  At this stage we have produced a short two page factsheet which highlights the goals and  priorities for our local area.  We are also asking that an engagement questionnaire is developed which will allow people to comment on the thinking so far and the `direction of travel’ that is being suggested.

Remember, Healthwatch exists to promote the voice of local people and is independent of the local NHS - you can share your views with us by clicking on the `Your Experience’  and sending us a message.  We, in turn, will take up any questions with the local CCG and post their replies on this website.’

To find out more about the Humber Coast and Vale STP go to their website 


STP Partnership News Issue 2

STP Partnership News issue1

A summary of the Humber Coast and Vale STP as a pdf

Frequently asked questions about the STP as a pdf

STP Factsheet as a pdf


Do you feel COVID-19 has had an impact on you accessing local health and social care services?